Building on USask's diverse and inclusive graduate community, the CGPS' EDI project objective is to establish and implement a graduate framework and strategy for equity, diversity and inclusion which will address the needs of both graduate students and graduate faculty complimentary to USask's EDI Policy.


Phase 1 (Completed Winter 2022) Phase 2 (Completed Summer 2022)
  • Gather advisory committee
  • Divide CGPS policies into bundles
  • Set goals, timelines and responsibilities
  • Engage with graduate students
  • Identify key themes and set priorities
  • Develop and present action plan
  • Research, landscape scans, host discussions
Phase 3 (Winter 2023) Phase 4 (Summer 2023)
  • Create EDI statement, principles and indicators
  • Draft policy changes
  • Resource development
  • Setting next steps
  • Develop and present an action plan based on student consultation
  • Create EDI statement, principles and indicators
  • Continue consultations with students, faculty and staff
  • Continue to work on improving policy, procedures and resources.


Count yourself in

The College of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies is committed to achieving equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible practices and spaces in USask’s graduate community. We must measure where we are now, how we are doing and evaluate our progress.


As graduate students, your lived experience in combination with your perceptions and experiences as graduate students is valued and seen and we need to understand your unique student perspective. Your opinions, feedback and perceptions are foundational to building our path forward.  

You are invited to participate in a confidential, 90 minute group meeting (we have allowed for more time just in case) to share with us your opinions and personal stories that will impact college policies and practices.

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Staff, faculty and other community members tell us how you engage with college policies and procedures and let us know where you see opportunities.

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Consult themes

Experiences from Start to Finish
Share your perceptions about CGPS within the larger campus and how to improve students' movement throughout their graduate programs.

April 24 | 6-8 pm

Perceptions of Equity & Inclusion
Discuss what meaningful engagement looks like including EDI benchmarks CGPS should be measuring and what equitable change would look like.

April 14 |12:30 – 2:30 pm 

Indigenizing & Decolonizing CGPS
Exploring your experiences within colonial educational practices and imagining learnings within a decolonized and Indigenized learning environment.

April 13 | 6-8 pm
April 25 | 12:30 – 2:30 pm

Awareness & Engagement of CGPS Policy
Unpacking what inclusive and accessible policies look like and ways to support graduate students in engaging with graduate student policies.

April 27 | 12 – 2 pm

Funding & Employment
Identifying barriers around the scholarship and funding process and improving access to graduate student employment.

April 19 |10 am-noon
April 23 | 6-8 pm

CGPS EDI principles
Shaping the CGPS EDI statement and principles to help guide equity and inclusion efforts within the college. *Open to Postdocs*

April 12| 6-8 pm
April 17 | 2-4 pm


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Faculty Staff Graduate Students
Ryan Walker (he/him)
Associate Dean, Policy & Programming 

Luis Corredor Duarte (he/him)
EDI Project Lead

Andrew Hartman (they/them)
Service Program Evaluator
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