Plug In To Your Graduate Community

We know that this year presents unique challenges for graduate students. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to do a rethink in some areas but also has allowed us to explore opportunities in others.

HUB information is organized by grad students for grad students with a strong thematic approach and the ability to choose your own experience with a couple of clicks. Get the information you need to know when you need to know it. 





get a strong start
your role as a grad student

get organized
practical info to help you get set up

get inspired
your network of systems & supports

be what the world needs
develop your roadmap for success


Built on the framework of typical module-based content, you have access to take a deeper dive into the content within the Grad Onboarding platform by selecting specific modules that interest you in the Hub Lab. Come and go from the platform at your leisure throughout the lifecycle of your program. Not interested in modules - no problem, join a lab discussion group instead! Self-enroll and come back anytime.Our approach to introducing you to more in-depth knowledge of what USask offers you.

  1. Self-register through Canvas (USask's learning management system).
  2. You pick the modules that most interest you.
  3. Hang around to join the specially curated discussion forums.
  4. Leave the course whenever you want by 'unregistering'.
  5. Change your mind? No problem, just re-register!


Plug in to your new community

Grad school is intense and requires a lot of studying, research and writing. Your time is valuable but remember, take time to take care of yourself, meet new people and have some fun.

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