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Welcome to the Grad online self-directed website (Britto & Rush, 2013) that empowers users to take control of their academic journey. The Hub is a specially curated centralized location of graduate student and postdoctoral information presented through the lens of the user.

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The Grad Hub is an innovative platform thematically designed to provide you with guidance and resources throughout your studies or postdoc appointment. Users have on-demand access to information from transitioning into the academy and practical information to preparing a transition into the workforce and everything in between.

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If you prefer a self-directed course approach, learn from other graduate students. Our graduate student curriculum designers have developed various modules drawing from subject matter experts on content they wish they would have known when they started grad studies.


Get information on events that are relevant to you from across the academy, signup for a free skills course/workshop and discover various ways to get involved in the grad community.