Tech Toolkit

As a graduate student at the University of Saskatchewan, you have access to technology and software that can be used to enhance your graduate student experience and work effort.

Build Your Skills

Start your graduate student journey out strong by engaging in learning opportunities. Create a strong foundation of tools and knowledge that you can pull from and apply throughout your entire academic program.

Manage Your Wellness

Wellness Resources

As a graduate student, it's important to take care of your health. At USask, we have various supports and services available to you. There isn't a right time to access resources, access the services when you need them.

Resource Support Provided
Student Wellness Centre Physical health & mental health services  
Students Affairs & Outreach Student outreach, counselling, crisis response,
and psycho-educational groups
Empower Me Academic life services, such as life coaching, financial planning, and nutritional counselling
Wellness Workshops Wellness workshops to build your knowledge and self-care abilities


Mental Hygiene

What is mental hygiene? It's a movement...committed to actions that aim to close the gap for mental disorders. Mental hygiene is the science of maintaining mental health and preventing the development of psychosis, neurosis, or other mental disorders.

Why are we talking about this? There is evidence suggesting that graduate students were more than six times as likely to experience depression and anxiety compared to the general national population. [Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health Toolkit]. The reality of a grad student's lifestyle and the nature of their work is fundamentally different from those of your undergraduate peers. Grad students are found at the forefront of cutting edge technology, they put in long hours because...this, is their passion.

Your mental hygiene practices start now!