The Inter-D Program (interdisciplinary studies) graduate program at USask allows students to design their own graduate program with oversight by the CGPS' Interdisciplinary team to bring together qualified faculty from different disciplines. Because there are no constraints on which fields are brought together, there are virtually no two students in the same subfield.

Interdisciplinarity suggests establishing connections across, or the hybridization of techniques, tools, or theories from, different disciplines in order to advance understanding beyond the scope of a single discipline. It can also suggest creating “undisciplined” spaces between disciplines or working to transcend disciplinary boundaries altogether. Interdisciplinary approaches take on issues, problems, or creative projects that cannot be adequately addressed within a single discipline, or even multi-disciplines.

To be considered "interdisciplinary" individual programs will integrate course work and research that crosses two or more disciplines into a concise program that is not available within the traditional academic setting. InterD students create their individualized program of studies with their supervisor and Student Advisory Committee. 

Program management committee

Steven Rayan

Director of Interdisciplinary Programming & Committee Chair

Ulrich Teucher

Vice Committee Chair

Colleen Bell

Committee Member

Assem Hedayat

Committee Member
Hyunjung Shin

Committee Member

Alec Aitken Committee Member

Jennifer Lang Committee Member

Raha Moazed Committee Member


In pursuit of advanced interdisciplinary research exceeding the provisions of existing departmental programs, CGPS' Interdisciplinary program has no restrictions regarding the topic and in many cases the student draws upon expertise from several distinct faculties. Annual events are developed for InterD students as program requirements and are open to the public. Celebrate interdisciplinarity with us.


Monday, March 13, 2023

Panel Workshop: 3-4:30 pm (CST)

Location: Join us in person at SoTL Centre (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Centre) – 1019 EDUC or on Zoom.

Hosted by the Interdiciplinary Program Team, join our InterD 990 Panel Workshop featuring interdisciplinary scholars Lisa Birke (Assistant Professor, Art and Art History) and Maureen Reed (Distinguished Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability).  The event will feature a short presentation by each panelist on their approach to interdisciplinary research, scholarly, and artistic work and there will be plenty of time for questions from students and faculty.



Monday, March 13, 2023

Open House: 5-6:30 pm (CST)

Location: Join us in person at SoTL Centre (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Centre) – 1019 EDUC or on Zoom.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program, managed by the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) offering MA, MSc, and PhD degrees.Have you heard that there is a graduate program at USask that allows you to propose and design your own graduate program at the interface of two or more disciplines? 

  • Are you a prospective student or supervisor? 
  • Perhaps you have heard some things about the Inter-D program but would like to demystify how it works and what it offers? 
  • Learn about interdisciplinary scholars' work and how this unique graduate program has supported their journeys.

You are invited to join us at the CGPS Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Info Session featuring current InterD committee members and students.  


Save the Date

Thursday, April 13th

Artist programmer and artist researcher, Ogborn is committed to unfolding the potential for algorithms and computation to be sites of play, curiosity, and collaboration. This work takes the form of solo and ensemble performances of live coding and network music, the development of software to be used by artists, students, teachers, and researchers, and writing that attempts to both expand and unsettle these activities.

More details to come.




Interdisciplinary Studies 
College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
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Contact Luis Corredor Duarte, MPA
Interdisciplinary Program Coodinator via

+1 (306) 966-2171

Inquiries from current students in the Inter-D program should be directed to interd.studies@usask.ca

Email Inquiries from prospective students should be directed to interd.applications@usask.ca
To access a knowledge base about the program for current students in the program, and to access information about INTD 990 events, please visit this site: https://canvas.usask.ca/courses/20025 (NSID required)