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Together, we are addressing the world’s greatest challenges. Thank you for supporting the biggest campaign in Saskatchewan’s history!

USask has launched the largest campaign in Saskatchewan’s history to raise $500 million to solve the world’s greatest challenges. The Be What the World Needs Campaign is addressing what affects all of us the most – your world now and the world that future generations will inherit. USask has never been better equipped to tackle the world’s most complex issues – such as climate change, infectious diseases, and access to safe food and water – but we can’t do it without you. Together, we will be what the world needs.

Western Regional 3MT® Competition

Thursday | May 25 | 2023

USask is thrilled to host the 2023 Western Regional 3MT® competition at Quance Theatre.

From across Western Canada, graduate students compete to see who can communicate their thesis in just 3 minutes. 

USask Supports Ukraine

News about these shocking events and their potential implications for world peace is troubling for all of us, and particularly for our many Ukrainian and Russian university members.

CGPS is committed to expeditious facilitation of applications to programs, visiting research students or as postdoctoral scholars on behalf of our faculty who are considering hosting a displaced research trainee. For application support, please contact CGPS by emailing regarding graduate students and regarding postdoctoral fellows. 

A statement from the presidents of Canada’s federal research granting agencies to support Ukrainian research trainees - This temporary fund will allow all active and eligible grant-holders across the three agencies, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to apply for a supplement that will provide one-year relief and assistance to trainees (i.e., individuals eligible for master’s, doctoral or postdoctoral support) whose research in Ukraine has been interrupted. Further details of the fund will be released in the coming weeks on the respective agency's websites.

Support for Iranian Applicants

Students from Iran comprise an important part of our current and future graduate student community. Given the current situation in Iran, we are working hard to support Iranian applicants. Current supports available include:

  • If a supervisor/program is interested in considering an individual’s formal application and payment of the application fee is a barrier for the applicant, we can provide an application fee waiver.
  • If an Iranian applicant is struggling to access English language proficiency testing, we can provide a Duolingo waiver code.
  • If an Iranian applicant’s referees are unable to submit reference letters online, we can work with the program to establish an alternative.
  • If an Iranian applicant is admitted and is having difficulties in getting their current or former institutions to send official documents to CGPS, we can discuss alternative options with the admitting program.
Iranian applicants are encouraged to contact the program they are applying to directly if they have any questions. Programs working with any Iranian applicants who are having difficulties with aspects of the application process are encouraged to reach out to their CGPS Program Advisor to discuss the ways in which we can provide support.