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Sponsoring student-led conferences is a fantastic way for CGPS to engage with graduate students at USask and promote their research. By providing conference opportunities, students have a platform to develop crucial skills, gain practical experience, and establish connections with the USask's graduate community.

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Through the Dean’s Support Fund for Student-Led Conferences, the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) at the University of Saskatchewan promotes graduate research by supporting USask graduate students who are organizing research conferences and research groups who promote graduate student and postdoc scholar engagement.


An annual budget of $15,000 annually is earmarked for this program.

The maximum request per event is $1000.

The total funding available for each event will be up to $1000. Funds will be allocated over three submission periods with application deadlines as follows:

  • Spring/Summer Events: April 1
  • Fall Events: August 1
  • Winter Events: December 1

Applications must be received a minimum of four weeks before any scheduled event, and no more than four months ahead.


To be eligible for funding, events must be:

  1. Graduate student-organized events (leadership/organizing teams must be comprised mainly or entirely of graduate students).
  2. Include original research presentations delivered by graduate students.
  3. Have opportunities for graduate students and or postdoc scholars to be involved (e.g. judges, mentorship, etc)

Organizers: The fund will support student-organized events only. Event leadership/organizing teams must be comprised mainly or entirely of graduate students. Currently registered USask graduate students must be a part of the leadership/organizing team.

Participants: The fund will support events that are primarily intended for graduate students. Priority is given to events with large numbers of USask graduate students attending.

Content: Priority will be given to events that include original research presentations delivered by graduate students.

Oversight: Events must be endorsed by a USask academic unit (the “sponsoring unit”). Funds will be transferred to an operating account of the sponsoring unit.

Eligible Expenses: Eligible expenses include speaker expenses (fees, travel, accommodation, food), event supplies, space rental, food, and advertising.

Ineligible Expenses: Ineligible expenses include alcohol, participant travel and/or accommodation, social events, and the services of the organizing committee.

Selection: Funding decisions are made by the Dean of CGPS (or a designate). If demand exceeds the funding available, priority will be given to events that support the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

Funding Disbursal: Funds are transferred to an operating CFOAPL provided by the sponsoring unit within four weeks of approval of the application. Unspent funds associated with the request must be returned to CGPS within 30 business days of the end of the event.

Publicity: Event organizers will be expected to recognize the support of CGPS in event promotional materials. These include, but are not limited to, event programs, websites, and posters. For logos and content please contact

Reporting: Organizers of approved events are required to provide the Dean of CGPS with a financial report and a one-page event summary within 30 calendar days of the end of the event. The event summary will include a description of who attended the event, a final agenda, and a 300-word description of what the organizers of the event learned that they can apply to future events.  If all the funding is not used, the sponsoring unit will return the unspent funds to the CGPS within four weeks of the conference date.

Key Principles: All participants must adhere to USask’s various policies and procedures. This includes, but is not restricted to the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, and the Procurement Policy. Allocation of support is solely at the discretion of the Dean of CGPS (or designate). Decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

How to apply

Using the template provided, applications can be submitted to CGPS by email directed to