A visiting research student is enrolled at the University to undertake full-time research with a faculty supervisor for a period of no more than twelve (12) months per eighteen (18) month period. Students may be undergraduate, graduate, or in between degree levels.

A visiting research student is not eligible to be admitted again as a visiting research student until at least 6 months after the previous VRS admission has concluded.


(a) an identified U of S faculty supervisor,

(b) a research plan that has been approved by the faculty supervisor, the department and the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and

(c) the student will not be enrolled in any credit coursework at the U of S. Upon successful completion of the research plan they will be assigned a grade of CR (Completed Requirements) or F (Fail)

Process Owner: 

The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) serves as the oversight organization responsible for the academic and administrative needs of VRSs. The International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) serves as a central point of contact for immigration, service and support for admitted VRSs.


  1. Following discussion between the prospective student and supevisor, the prospective student submits a VRS application.
  2. CGPS reviews the application, and then forwards it to the intended faculty supervisor for review and approval.
  3. The faculty supervisor reviews and approves the application including the research plan.
  4. Following approval by the supervisor, the department head/director approves the application.
  5. Following the above approvals, CGPS will issue an official letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance will be sent to the applicant by email as a PDF attachment. The supervisor will be notified when this happens.
  6. ISSAC will be notified of the student's acceptance, and will provide them with immigration, pre-arrival and arrival support. VRS Students are expected to meet with their ISSAC contact upon arrival to recieve registration assistance and other orientation information.