For more than 75 years the College of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies has been overseeing the expansion of high-quality graduate education and supporting the steadily growing number of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

The Imagine magazine highlights just a few of USask's exceptional graduate students and postdocs. 


USask’s graduate students and postdoc scholars serve as role models, inspiring us all to commit to quality and excellence in all that they do. They are marvellously diverse and contribute to the university and the community in so many ways. 

Issue 2022-23

These driven graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from around the world are guided by wise and talented professors, as well as engaged with community partners, all working in concert to unleash the power of new ideas. 

Anniversary Issue 2021

From Decolonization to conservation to mental health to water decontamination, our students and fellows are working on the big issues of the day in social justice, tackling the climate crisis and innovating technology for good.

Issue 2019-20

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