Revisions approved
by CGPS Council October 12, 2023
October 16, 2023


Graduate students may be employed at the University of Saskatchewan. Graduate students' minimum and maximum number of work hours may be mandated based on collective agreement(s) or funding agreement(s) (e.g. terms of external scholarships or terms of funding packages requiring teaching or research assistantship). Students are advised to reference these respective documents to ensure their work hours are within permitted limits.

This policy does not pertain to or limit employment outside of the university. Hours of employment outside the university may be restricted by terms of their study permit or the funding policies of the department/school/college. Graduate students should do their best to avoid their employment interfering with the progress of their studies.

Should a student have questions or concerns about their employment, they should contact their:

  • Hiring supervisor
  • Department Administrator
  • Connection Point
  • PSAC Representative (i.e., TA, RA, SA)
  • CUPE 3287 Representative (i.e., Sessional lecturer)