Upon recommendation of the academic unit (academic unit head or graduate chair) or staff within the CGPS, a student may be required to discontinue at any time for failure to achieve satisfactory progress in any aspect of the graduate program. Such students must be invited to meet with the chair of the graduate program as soon as evidence of unsatisfactory performance is available. If applicable, a student’s advisory committee must be invited to attend the meeting.

When an academic unit or a CGPS staff member recommends to the Associate Dean, CGPS that a student be required to discontinue, they must also inform the student in writing by providing a copy of the recommendation. If the Associate Dean, CGPS upholds the recommendation, official notification of the requirement to discontinue will be sent by the Associate Dean, CGPS to the student. The Associate Dean’s decision may be appealed to the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee, within 30 days. The basis for the appeal must be outlined in writing.