SPS executive team

Picture of  Valentyna  Klymiuk

Valentyna Klymiuk PhD Managing Director

Department of Plant Sciences | My research interests are related to Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Wheat Disease Resistance and Plant-Pathogen Interactions.

Picture of  Kunal Kadiya

Kunal Kadiya PhD Director of Operations

Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences | Qualified and Experienced Food Manufacturing professional with multi-dimensional experience in different segments of Food Processing, Research, and Development and Food Quality.

Picture of  Rima Siauciunaite

Rima Siauciunaite PhD Director of Finance

College of Dentistry | I am focusing on understanding the link between circadian clock and oral cancer.

Picture of  Vikas Menghwani

Vikas Menghwani PhD Director of Communications

Department of Geography & Planning | Energy Policy, Energy Access and Equity, Geospatial modelling

Picture of  Tamanna Jahan

Tamanna Jahan PhD Director of Member Relations

Department of Plant Sciences | Experienced scientist with expertise in a wide range of disciplines including plant sciences, statistics, plant physiology, nutrition, plant biochemistry, food sciences, plant cell and tissue culture, molecular biology, plant breeding, and genomics.