Faculty Toolkit

For many graduate students, the most influential person in their higher ed experience is their supervisor. Please check back often as the CGPS begins to build a faculty toolkit with resources for mentoring students.

Student Supervisor Agreement

The Supervisor(s)-Student relationship involves mentoring, support, career development, as well as academic oversight. The Supervisor(s) and Student should work together to arrive at jointly acceptable terms to establish their relationship.

The Student Supervisor Agreement is designed to provide a framework for discussion between the Supervisor(s) and the Graduate Student and to establish guidelines to govern their relationship. It may be revisited at any stage of the Student’s graduate program to accommodate for changes in the Student-Supervisor(s) relationship and/or the research project.

  • The completed form is to be regarded as an aid to planning and finishing the thesis project. It is not a legal document.
  • The Supervisor and the Student are free to add items to the form to tailor it to their joint purposes.
  • The Supervisor(s) is/are responsible for supervising the Student’s graduate program. The Supervisor(s) is/are the Student’s primary contact(s) at the University of Saskatchewan and should be familiar with the general policies and regulations of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies as well as the specific supplementary regulations of their academic unit. This form does not replace official University of Saskatchewan statements of policy and procedure.
  • If the Student or Supervisor(s) have any questions or concerns regarding their graduate program or this form, advice may be sought from the program graduate chair, unit head, or the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  • Ideally, this document should be completed prior to the commencement of any research and no later than the submission of the first Progress Report for the Student.  

All new students enrolled in thesis-based programs are required to complete a Student-Supervisor Agreement in partnership with their supervisor. The agreement must be filled out within the first twelve months of the students’ program and will be treated as a non-course requirement.