At the University of Saskatchewan, Postdoctoral Scholars are valuable members of our community and make meaningful contributions to the vitality of the university’s research environment. Postdocs are trained researchers who are seeking further experience in a particular area of research and come to USask to:

  • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become independent investigators
  • Make scholarly contributions to the conception, development, and completion of research projects
  • Engage in research projects that provide the challenge necessary for intellectual growth rather than the provision of technical support.

Postdoctoral Scholars work under the supervision of a faculty member, who provides the environment that enables research to be conducted collegially and collaboratively.  Faculty members who are members of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) may supervise postdocs. 


Before (or within a few days of your arrival)

Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

As temporary residents, international PDFs are required to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada. You must provide your SIN to your home department in order to receive your bi-monthly salary or stipend.  Click here for information about the required documents needed process your application.  Please apply for your SIN in person at the Saskatoon Service Canada Centre.

Provide a copy of your work permit to your home department

Upon receipt of your work permit, you must provide a copy to your home department. It must be received by your department prior to commencing your duties and before any stipend can be processed. 

Set up a Canadian bank account

You will be required to set up a Canadian bank account for the direct deposit of your paycheque.


Set up your direct deposit information

Log into PAWS and navigate to Employee > My Employment > Direct Deposit to input your direct deposit information.  

Travel Insurance

International PDFs travelling to Saskatoon from another country should prepare to purchase an international travel health plan that covers you for your travel to Canada, and then up to 4 months after your arrival in Canada. 

Register for Saskatchewan Health Care

If you have moved from another country or province and you are staying in Saskatchewan for more than 90 days, apply for health insurance as soon as possible to avoid a lapse in health insurance.  Click here to register for your health card.

Schedule your first day on campus

Discuss your schedule and first day of work with your supervisor.  Your supervisor or member of your home department/unit should be available to welcome you to campus.

NSID & Password

Upon your arrival on campus, you will be issued a unique identifier called a Network Services ID (NSID).  Your NSID is used as a username to access university computer and network services such as PAWS, email, computer labs and password-protected webpages.  

Once you have received your NSID, please set up your Profile and update your personal information

ID Cards

ID cards are used to access the libraries and the Physical Activity Centre (PAC). Visit the Campus ID Office in the Main Bookstore to get your card. 

Employee ID Cards: Issued to PDFs who receive their salary or stipend through the University of Saskatchewan.  The Campus ID Office will not be able to issue your ID card until after your first pay period.

Affiliate ID Cards: Issued to Postdocs who receive direct funding from external sources.  Please bring your letter of offer to confirm your appointment.

*Please send an email to with your NSID and a photo in jpeg format. You will be emailed when the card is ready for pick up at the off-campus store, ShopUsask at Preston Crossing.

The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars (SPS), formed in 2014, represents the interests of PDFs at the University of Saskatchewan.

The purpose of the society is twofold:

  1. To act as a social hub and information portal for postdocs at the University of Saskatchewan. The goal of the SPS is to foster communication between postdocs so that they can share their experiences, resources and knowledge and to provide information to postdocs that supplements and enhances the information provided by the university.  The SPS Executive encourages all PDFs to attend SPS events.
  2. To act as official representatives for postdocs on campus. This will provide a more formal and continuous structure through which they can communicate with administrators in U of S colleges and departments and the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars.

Contact information:

Visit the Getting Involved webpage to learn more about:

  • Recreation Services:  
    • The Fit Centre includes exercise equipment, weight room, swimming pools, track, climbing wall and more. PAC Memberships (Public and U of S Community) are $50/month + GST, $440/year + GST
    • Campus Recreation to join an intramural team, register for classes such as swimming, dance, and yoga
  • Arts and music;
  • Student Centres;
  • Settlement and cultural organizations;
  • Upcoming events;
  • Multi-faith Chaplains Associations, and more.

Safety programs and services are available to all members of the University. Learn about Safewalk, self-defence for women, Protective Services, discrimination and harassment prevention and access to other educational resources.

Orientations for new Postdocs are offered twice per year, once in the fall and once in the winter.  Various topics are covered such as campus resources, professional development opportunities, funding, and immigration information for international Postdocs.

First time on campus

Bookmark the arrival section of the Grad Hub we cover it all.

  • Surviving winter in Saskatchewan
  • Getting around campus
  • Transportation
  • Get your IT sorted out
  • Accessibility, and more...


Research Excellence and Innovation (REI) supports high-quality, ethically sound research and works with inventors and industry to move USask discoveries out into the world. REI’s services and supports span the lab-to-market spectrum:

  • Animal Care and Research Support
  • Human Ethics
  • Biosafety, Radiation Safety and Cannabis
  • Legal Services
  • Industry Engagement and Partnerships
  • Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation

Does your project require ethics approval?

Research involving the following requires ethics review and approval by a Research Ethics Board (REB) before the research commences:

  • living human participants;
  • human biological materials, as well as human embryos, fetuses, fetal tissue, reproductive materials and stem cells. This applies to materials derived from living and deceased individuals;
  • secondary use of data, health information, or biological materials.
Have you considered the following?


Looking for Contact information
Coordinator, Postdoctoral Studies General information about postdoctoral  appointments

(306) 966-2774

ConnectionPoint Payroll, request an employment verification letter, HR inquiries, travel and expense

(306) 966-2200

The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning Professional Development opportunities
USask Immigration Work permits and immigration 
ICT Services and Support Assistance with IT accounts, email, WiFi, printer access, remote access, mobile access
(306) 966-2222
Canada Revenue Agency Tax information 1-800-959-8281
eHealth Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Health Insurance information
Service Canada Social Insurance Number information 1-800-567-6868