The Plan identifies strategic themes that will guide the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ planning and priorities for the next seven years.  Within each theme, strategic objectives are established and goals set contributing to the University Plan 2025 by elevating the CGPS profile and contribute to the significance and value of graduate education at the University of Saskatchewan. While developing this strategic plan, we benefited from a firm grounding in a confidence of knowing who we are and what our priorities should be.  

Looking forward to 2025, the CGPS was guided by the University of Saskatchewan’s four principles of sustainability, diversity, connectivity and creativity, and we have challenged ourselves to think beyond the status quo.  Our theme: Be Bold, Be Ambitious.

The CGPS plan speaks to the interconnectivity of the campus and its extended community; it speaks to the connections we share and the value and potential of future connections and partnerships.  The network of graduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of Saskatchewan is critically woven throughout the fabric of our community. 

The guiding principles in the CGPS plan are collegial, progressive, aspirational, and the plan prepares the college to respond to new generations of students.