Picture of  Heather Lukey

Heather Lukey Director, Awards & Scholarships

Everyone who works with Heather Lukey in the College of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies extolls her virtues as a dedicated university employee, but none more than the graduate students themselves. Winner of the President's Serivce Award (2012) Heather is known to go "above and beyond" and is frequently referred to as "the go-to person". Lukey's job is a complex one; she helps graduate students navigate the complex world of applying for funding from various external sources, she manages a manual portfolio of more than $14M, serves as USask's Tri-Agency Scholarship Liaison Officer, and manages the day to day finances of the college. She also serves as a valuable advisor to students, faculty members, and programs about the most effective ways to access and use the funding provided. Heather started her career with USask over 30 years ago as a clerk steno and receptionist. Heather has been heard saying "I do it for the students".

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