CGPS Faculty Fellows take an inspired approach to graduate and postdoctoral programming at the University of Saskatchewan. A fellowship provides an opportunity to not only develop leadership skills but also share their research expertise while contributing to the response of profound changes in Canada's higher education with the academy and society.



Ohpahotân is the Indigenous Strategy gifted to the University of Saskatchewan by our Indigenous community and each college is expected to develop a college-specific strategy.  The Faculty Fellow, Decolonization, leads the development of the CGPS-specific Indigenous strategy aligned with Ohpahotân. 

The strategy will engage the graduate community in the Indigenization of graduate education and the Decolonization of CGPS to realize CGPS’ goal of creating an accessible, culturally safe, and supportive environment for Indigenous graduate students in all types of graduate programs and in the broader activities of the university. 

The Faculty Fellow works in close collaboration with the Indigenous Graduate Student Initiatives Coordinator who will lead the development of mentorship and professional development network for Indigenous Graduate Students and with the Dean to increase dedicated scholarship funding for Indigenous graduate students.  

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