Thesis Roadmap

The Thesis/Dissertation Roadmap is here to help guide you through the different stages, milestones, and requirements of your thesis or dissertation project.


  • Unpacking the elements of a thesis project 
  • Orienting to the different sections of the thesis 
  • Mapping the different steps in the thesis process


  • Introduction to what is a thesis proposal
  • Information around the components of a research proposal
  • Strategies for preparing for your thesis defense


  • Information around how to orient towards researching within your discipline 
  • Access to available resources to support research 
  • Available university staff to answer questions


  • Permission to write
  • Formatting
  • Arrangement of contents


  • What to expect in a thesis defense
  • Guidance on how to prepare for your final defense 
  • Information around how students are judged in a defense 


  • Overview of submission steps 
  • Review of common errors in submission 
  • Insight into process before and after submission