Research tools and tips

Depending on your program you will be required to either do solely secondary research or you will be required to do a research design either way. When doing secondary research make sure to take advantage of the university resources available to you. 

1) Learn how to navigate the University of Saskatchewan library systems

2) Become familiar with the University’s resources for your discipline

The library has created unique research guides for each discipline. Research guides provide instructions on the best database for your discipline, citation instructions, writing help, and other information.

3) Setup a meeting with your subject area librarian

Subject specialist librarians are available to consult and support your research. They can answer questions, guide your search strategy, and plethora of other research activities. Connect with your subject librarian and ask them for ways they can help you.

4) Formulating Your Search Strategy

When deciding on your thesis or dissertation topic it's important to become familiar with past research in the area. An efficient way to engage with relevant literature is by developing a research strategy. The library has created a guide you can access on how to develop a search strategy.

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