Universities Functions in Society

Creators of knowledge

Responding to committee issues 

Provide Workforce

College Governances

Bicameral and Tricameral Institions

And why it matters

Universities, colleges, and departments oh my!

What are the functions (A picture of a path and these different connections)


College (What do different leadership levels do)

Department (What does a department head do)

Program (What does a graduate chair do)

  • Provide a narrative/story that explains how these different structures interact
  • Clarity regarding the duties and functions of these roles, and other administrative personal (e.g., graduate chair) would be helpful for all graduate students.

Other program can sometimes be advisors, supervisors, and  

Navigating Different Policies

SOmetimes you have to navigate between two different policies or rules. Sometimes the overall university and your graduate program policies. Its important for you to be aware of all the policies here:

  • USask Policies
  • CGPS Policies

A lot of these policies and information are explained throughout the HUB and LABHUB  


Strategies for Success!

What to do if you notice a conflict in policies. Make sure to contact _______.