Accessing Services Guide

When accessing supports there are five critical steps required:

  1. Recognize that you are experiencing something that would benefit from outside support 
  2. Identify the specific concern or issue you are experiencing 
  3. Locate and match a specific supports activity that would meet your need
    • who offers supports, what specific services they provide, when is this service available, and how students access the support (e.g., drop-in, call, appointment
  4. Pinpoint how to access the support and make a plan (e.g., schedule an appointment)
  5. Go to the appointment 
    • Include as much—or as little—information as you want


Saying things like, “I want,” “I feel,” or “I need” can help shape the discussion and clearly communicate your struggles or needs.

  • Useful phrases to lean on when in doubt
  • Here’s what I need from you.
  • Can we do Y instead of X?
  • Here’s how you can support me.
  • I may be doing X, Y, and Z more (or less)
  • Could you do X to support me?
  • It would really help me out if you could do X.
  • When I feel X, I tend to do Y.
  • X has been weighing on me lately and it’s made me feel Y.

Checking-In with Yourself

Thank you A. Vangool, USask Alumna

Wellness at USask

When we are going through stressful times or times with additional pressures. USask has resources for you and are here to help.