The College of Graduate Post Doctoral Studies is transitioning the handling of some processes and requests to the Jira Service Desk

Submissions that have until now been made via email can now be submitted through eForms on the CGPS Service Desk. These include the submission of defence forms, and memos to schedule defences. Please follow the link below in order to submit a general request, defence memos, and defence forms.

*Forms that are circulated as part of the Dean's Designate package (300.1-300.4, 301, 403.1, and 403.2) will remain accessible on the CGPS Forms Page. Please attach these to the "Graduate Defence Forms" eForm on the CGPS Service Desk following defence*


For Master's Defences

  • Academic units schedule their own Master’s theses defences and appoint the External Examiners for these defences (as long as the external is a member of grad faculty, otherwise the proposed external’s CV must be sent to CGPS for approval).
  • The Graduate Chair on behalf of the advisory committee will recommend the person chosen to be the External Examiner to the Head of the department or Dean of the college. The Dean of the CGPS must be notified of the defence date using the Memo To Schedule a Graduate Defence eForm at the CGPS Service Desk site
  • CGPS will verify that the requirements for convocation have been fulfilled.
  • The department/program must maintain a record of External Examiners approved, as well as retain copies of documentation such as C.V.s where appropriate, and correspondence with the External Examiner.

For Ph. D. Defences

When the student's Advisory Committee determines the student's thesis is ready for defence the following should be submitted by way of the Memo to Schedule a Graduate Defence eForm to the CGPS a minimum of five (5) weeks prior to the desired oral defence date:

The defence should be scheduled at a time when all examinees are known to be available. 

At least seven days prior to their defence, students must provide a Dissertation Summary (not bound with the thesis) to the CGPS Programs Advisor by way of the CGPS Service Desk.

All arrangements for the Ph.D. thesis examination (time, date, location) are made by the academic unit. The CGPS Program Advisor forwards the thesis and any necessary documentation to the External Examiner. The contribution of the CGPS to the expenses of the External Examiner is a maximum of CDN $2000. The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) is pleased to announce effective May 1, 2015 the Ph.D. External Examiner expense contribution from CGPS was increased from $1,000 to $2,000.

Any special equipment requirements for the defence should be brought to the attention of the Program Advisor. An overhead projector is available at all times. A slide projector, TV/VCR or laptop and data projector must be reserved at least three days in advance.

When no other reasonable option exists, the External Examiner or a member of the Advisory Committee may attend the oral defence via video-(preferable) or tele-conference. Arrangements can be made through the Program Advisor.

External examiners

External examiners participate in the examination of Masters’ and PhD theses to provide an ongoing, independent assessment of the quality of graduate research and mentorship at the University of Saskatchewan.

The External Examiner will receive an official letter of invitation to serve at the defence. Attached to this letter will be a:

Following the Defence

Complete forms

The following documents (original or scanned signed copies) will need to be compiled and submitted to the CGPS advisor using the CGPS Service Desk portal following the defence and prior to submission of the ETD.

Master’s Defence Forms

  1. A copy of the Policy and Procedures for Master’s and Ph.D. Defences
  2. Recommendation for Award of the MBA Degree - GPS 300.3
  3. Oral Defence Report of the External Examiner - GPS 403.2
  4. Report of the Oral Defence of a Master's Thesis (one supervisor) - GPS 403.4
  5. Report of the Oral Defence of a Master's Thesis (two supervisors) - GPS 403.4

Ph.D. Defence Forms

  1. Oral Defence Report of the External Examiner - GPS 403.2
  2. Oral Defence Report of the Dean's Designate/Graduate Chair - GPS 403.3
  3. Certification of Thesis Work (CGPS Letterhead)