Deadlines for applications to graduate for Fall or Spring Convocation is available on the Student Graduation webpage

Last day for Master's and Ph.D. students to submit approved thesis to ETD site and for Departments to submit all supporting documentation, indicating completion of the graduate degree,  is: 

  • September 19* in order to graduate for Fall Convocation
  • April 15* in order to graduate for Spring Convocation

*If the deadline date falls on a weekend/holiday, the first business day prior to September 19


All faculty members are invited to attend  Convocation. 

Faculty members who attend convocation exercises are encouraged to sit on the platform rather than the general theatre seating.  Faculty members may also invite one guest.  Invited platform party guests and faculty that choose to sit in the general seating, will be seated behind the graduates in a reserved seating area.

Student Graduation information

Graduation information including applying to graduate and ceremony information is available to students.