Distinguished Graduate Mentor

The Distinguished Graduate Mentorship Award was established to honour those faculty members who excel in the mentorship of graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan.

The CGPS nominates recipients of this award to the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies Mentorship (est 2018). A national award recognizing graduate faculty members with a record of excellent mentorship of graduate students under their supervision.

Annual Submission Deadline: December 31

Earned Degrees

The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies approves and presents recipients of the Earned D.Sc. and Earned D.Litt. degrees under the authority from the Act through University Council Bylaws. The D.Sc. and D.Litt. are earned academic degrees awarded in a number of countries throughout the world. These degrees are conferred at USask's convocation ceremony and considered the highest degree obtainable in recognition of a substantial and sustained contribution to and within scientific fields (D.Sc.) and the humanities (D.Litt.) beyond that required of a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

The Terms of Reference for earned degrees were first established in 1968 when the first earned D.Sc. was awarded to Dr. Thomas C. Vanterpool (Biology). In ~1983, to ensure equitable recognition could be achieved by faculty engaged in the humanities/social sciences, the college established an earned Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.). This degree was conferred upon Dr. Herbert Guenther as its first recipient.

The Earned Degree recognizes scholarly and artistic contributions of the highest calibre made by members of USask’s academic convocation and/or faculty, contributions which in their quality and extent have won the admiration and respect of leading authorities in a particular area or areas of intellectual and creative endeavour. The work is found to be exceptional by others able to judge it.

Nominations may be accepted all year. Please contact cgps.eo@usask.ca.

[these conferred degrees are currently under review by the CGPS]