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There are a variety of funding sources for graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. Many graduate students are supported by a combination of awards, fellowships, or scholarships from university-wide competitions, department-specific opportunities, and national or external awards. A majority of graduate awards are open to both international and domestic students.

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See the latest USask updates and read here for information for students and travelling to Canada. Information for International students/students travelling abroad ISSAC can help.

If you have accepted an award but due to travel restrictions you have been unable to arrive in Canada and set up a Canadian bank account for direct deposit of award payments, your award funding can be applied against your tuition and student fees, provided you are registered full-time in your program. Any remaining funds will be held for you until you are able to set up a Canadian bank account.

The first step to obtaining graduate funding is to talk to the Graduate Administrator or Graduate Chair of the unit where you are or would like to study to see what's available within the unit. Please note that entering students will need to contact the unit to see if they are accepting new students. Find contact information for all units here.

The Graduate Awards Database lists all award opportunities the CGPS oversees. Each entry provides information about the funding opportunity, eligibility criteria, the application deadline and instructions for how to apply.

You can search this by award name (if known), college, or department. Most of the scholarships and awards handled by our office are available to both international and domestic students. As well, most of the awards can be applied for before a student enters their graduate program. 

The Awards & Scholarships team distributes announcements on upcoming opportunities via PAWS usually available approximately 4 weeks in advance of deadlines.

The Scholarship Toolkit will get you started.

In most cases, you can apply for award funding before being accepted. In general, for awards administered through CGPS, you must have applied for a graduate program and paid the application fees. Please refer to the individual award listing in the database for specific eligibility requirements.

You can request up-to-date USask transcripts from the Registrars’ Office via PAWS. For awards applications, your transcripts must reflect your current status, whether or not you are registered in any courses.

CGPS may have electronic copies of your previous transcripts available (those provided at the time of admission).


Payroll occurs twice each month, on the 15th & the last day of the month. To avoid delays please ensure you submit all required documentation and are registered in your graduate program at least one week before the beginning of the term.

If you have not previously been paid by the university you may need to submit documentation. You can submit your documents via our JIRA e-form. Documents may include:

  • direct deposit form
  • study permit (international students only)
  • SIN (employment only)
  • Canadian residential address

We cannot assign or activate any award funding until you are registered as a full-time graduate student for the funding period. You must be registered by the last working day of the month before the start of a term in order for your payroll to be submitted on time.

Students who are on a leave of absence are not normally eligible to receive scholarship funding.  Find further information about leaves and related procedures here.

Unless otherwise stated in your award letter, you are responsible for paying your tuition and fees.

If you complete your degree program prior to the end date of your scholarship, you will receive a tuition rebate based on the number of months left in the term. However, if you complete your degree requirements in the last month of a term you will receive a final scholarship payment in lieu of a tuition rebate.

If you receive a payment in error, you must notify our office immediately. You will be required to pay the amount back in full. Our office will consult with ConnectionPoint to arrange a repayment schedule on your behalf.

Income tax is not withheld from scholarship awards.

USask will provide a T4A form at the end of the calendar year for all award payments received during the calendar year. Students can download T4A from PAWS. Students are responsible for filing income tax returns on these awards.