The University of Saskatchewan recognizes that working with graduate students is one of its primary functions and, accordingly, it expects its faculty members to strive towards excellence in this activity. An atmosphere in which excellence in graduate student supervision is not only encouraged but also acknowledged in a tangible and visible manner must be created. As one step toward achieving this end, the Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award was established.

Purpose of the Award

The Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award was established to honour those faculty members who excel in the supervision of graduate students.

The Award

The recipient will receive an appropriately inscribed diploma and an award of $1,000. A master plaque listing past recipients of the award is displayed in the Murray Library. One award is made annually at the spring teaching and research excellence awards event.


[submission package requirements currently under review]

All members of the faculty of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies are eligible for the award. ‘Supervision’ will be interpreted broadly to include supervision of artistic works and of written works such as projects, theses and dissertations.

Students, alumni, faculty, departments or colleges may make nominations. Nominations should be submitted to the Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by May 31st of each year. Nomination package is limited to a maximum of 50 pages.

Nominations should take the form of a letter describing the graduate student supervision responsibilities of the nominee including the number of graduate students supervised (breakdown of M.A., Ph.D., etc.) and the academic and other successes of these students. In addition to addressing the criteria outlined below, the application should include supporting letters from previous students (maximum number of six) and colleagues (maximum number of two) and the nominee’s abbreviated c.v.

Please use the nomination template as your submission guide.


Excellence in graduate student supervision has many dimensions. Among the elements to be considered by the Selection Committee are:

  • a reputation, among students and colleagues, for superior supervisory and mentoring ability including the ability to interest, stimulate and excite students and to motivate them to achieve high standards
  • a demonstrated excellence in scholarship undertaken with students which would include a record of encouraging and aiding students to present their material at conferences and to publish their scholarly work or display/perform their artistic work in suitable outlets (list of publications or presentations of graduate students)
  • a reputation for allowing students to explore topics of the students’ choosing but within the expertise of the supervisor
  • external scholarships or awards earned by graduate students on the basis of work completed under the direction of the supervisor
  • employment successes of former students attributable, at least in part, to the supervision provided by the nominee
  • other elements that the nominator considers important to contributing to a positive learning/research environment for graduate students
  • if College member is aware of the nomination they may include a self-study statement regarding their graduate student teaching philosophy.

Selection Committee

The award winners shall be chosen by a selection committee including the Dean of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the Director of the Gwenna Moss Teaching and Learning Centre, three past recipients of the award appointed by the Dean, and a representative from the Graduate Student Association.

Application Deadline

October 31 annually