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Grad Alumni

Jaunzems Fernuk (PhD)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in graduate school at the University of Saskatchewan. My research interests were around supporting students and teachers in our K-12 education system to mitigate burnout and build capacity for resilience. While in graduate school, I started working on something I call The Human Curriculum, and it has grown to be a big part of my life today as I teach it in my courses as a lecturer in the College of Education and share it with organizations that support teachers and caregivers throughout the province. I am honoured to have lived, worked, and studied on treaty 6 territory and I am a proud graduate of the USask community!

Doctor of Philosophy (Education); Exploring the Lives of Four Thriving Teachers in Saskatchewan.

PhD graduate’s research helps teachers avoid burnout

Kim-Cragg (PhD)

Grateful for the time spent studying for my PhD in History at U of S.  It opened new vistas of the past and new doors to the future. Thank you to my co-supervisors, Drs. Keith Carlson and Mirela David, to the whole history faculty and to my brave colleagues in the program.

Doctor of Philosophy (History)

Walker (PhD)

I never dreamed I would earn a PhD, and it hasn't sunk in yet. I couldn't have done it without the support of my supervisors, committee members, classmates, family, and friends. 

Celebrating success

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing)

Gu (PhD)

Never lose the courage to make a change, which may help you go out of the dead-loop in your research.

You’re not the first one who has thought about quitting your PhD, just hold on for one more day and maybe you will change your mind.

Doctor of Philosophy (Electrical Engineering)