Applicants who are Vietnamese citizens, currently living in Vietnam, are eligible to apply for a VIED fellowship to pursue any of the following at the U of S:

  1. A complete master’s degree program, lasting up to 2 yearsStudents must be eligible for admission into a Master’s program.

  2. A complete doctoral degree program, lasting up to 4 yearsStudents must be eligible for admission into a PhD program.


Admission requirements

All applicants to a master's or doctoral program must meet the minimum admission requirements of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS).

Applying to the U of S

Students who are applying with a VIED scholarship typically have their letter of confirmation from VIED in hand when they apply to the U of S. 

The student must complete a formal online application.

Students should identify themselves as a VIED applicant through the online application system. This will assist us to identify these applications early and to provide the necessary supporting documentation and a timely decision so that the student’s VIED scholarship can be finalized.

  • The unit must make a conditional recommendation to admit, pending completion of bachelor’s degree for a Master's program or completion of master’s degree for a PhD program and official transcripts (if applicable), proof of English proficiency (if applicable), and/or certification of scholarship award from VIED.

  • The CGPS will issue the offer of admission letter, including the conditions as specified in the Unit’s recommendation to admit the student.

Apply for VIED fellowship

Students who apply with a VIED fellowship typically have their letter of confirmation from VIED in hand when they apply to the UofS.  Students are responsible for their own applications for a VIED scholarship. 

For assistance or questions regarding individual applications please contact the CGPS program consultant for your unit, or  grad.recruit@usask.ca.

Recommend CGPS-VIED Supplemental Entrance Scholarship

Students who have been admitted to a PhD program, and who attend the USASK with a scholarship from either the China Scholarship Council (CSC), or, the Vietnam International Education Development (VIED) must have their tuition paid by either the faculty supervisor or the department.

These students are also eligible for a Supplementary Entrance Scholarship of $16, 000 paid out over four years, from the CGPS.