These scholarships are available to Brazilian citizens who are living in Brazil. Brazilian students are eligible to apply for Science without Borders scholarships administered by CNPq and CAPES to pursue any of the following at the University of Saskatchewan:

  1. Full PhD program, lasting up to 4 years -  Students must hold either a strictu sensu master’s degree from a Brazilian university or other qualification making them eligible to begin a doctoral program.

  2. Sandwich / Joint Student Program of doctoral research lasting up to 12-months - Potential sandwich / joint students should be currently enrolled as doctoral candidates in Brazil and completed the first year of study.

  3. Postdoctoral research of 6 to 24 months’ duration - Those interested in postdoctoral research at the University of Saskatchewan should have completed their PhD in Brazil at the time of application.


Scholarship and postdoctoral funding is restricted to the following broad fields of study:

  • Biotechnology
  • Minerals Technology
  • Engineering
  • Oil, Gas & Coal
  • New Technologies Construction Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Nanotechnology and New Materials
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Bio-prospecting and Biodiversity
  • Chemistry, Biology and Geosciences
  • Practical Technologies
  • Physical Sciences: Math and Physics
  • Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Disasters
  • Creative Industry
  • Marine Sciences
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Sustainable Agricultural Production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health Sciences


Admission requirements

All applicants to a doctoral program, or to a joint student / sandwich program, must meet the minimum admission requirements of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS).

Applying to the U of S

The student must complete a formal online application.

Students should identify themselves as a SWB applicant to the Graduate Secretary of their chosen program, and to  grad.recruit@usask.ca at the time of application. This will assist us to identify these applications early and to provide the necessary supporting documentation and a timely decision so that the student’s scholarship application to SWB is not jeopardized.

Applications for PhD program admission:

  • The Faculty supervisor must provide the student with a copy of their C.V. and with a written description of the research area, proposed activities, study plan and timelines. These two documents are required as part of the student’s application to SWB for their scholarship.

  • The unit must make a conditional recommendation to admit, pending completion of master’s degree and official transcripts (if applicable), proof of English proficiency (if applicable), and/or certification of scholarship award from SWB.

  • The CGPS will issue the offer of admission letter, including the conditions as specified in the Unit’s recommendation to admit the student.

Applications for sandwich/joint student admission:

  • The Faculty supervisor must be a researcher in one of the SWB program priority areas doing work relevant to the student’s doctoral thesis field. He/she must provide the student with a copy of their C.V. and with a written description of the proposed research activities and timelines. These two documents are required as part of the student’s application to SWB for their scholarship.
  • The U of S faculty supervisor is expected to work in cooperation with the Brazilian faculty supervisor to co-supervise the student.
  • The unit must make a conditional recommendation to admit, pending the student being awarded the SWB scholarship, to the CGPS.
  • The CGPS will issue a conditional offer of admission, pending final approval of SWB funding, to the student for inclusion with their scholarship application.
  • Upon receiving notification of the SWB award, the unit must notify the CGPS that the condition has been met, and the CGPS will remove the registration hold in Banner.  

Applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • The candidate must submit a letter of proposal and a copy of their C.V. to the individual faculty member with whom they wish to work. Potential applicants have been invited to contact Ms. Le Li in the International Research Office if they require assistance in identifying a potential U of S faculty researcher. 
  • The U of S faculty member must be a researcher in one of the SWB program priority areas and have a recognized competence in the field.
  • The U of S faculty member must provide the post-doc applicant with a copy of their C.V. and a summary of the proposed research project, activities and timelines. They must also provide the post-doc applicant with a letter of offer, conditional on the candidate being successful in their bid for a SWB Postdoctoral Fellowship. The  letter of offer template can be modified for this purpose. The letter of offer should stipulate the minimum funding levels required for postdoctoral fellow's salary at the U of S. Policy stipulates this must be no less than $35,000, however, some units have higher funding minimums. The receiving faculty member is responsible for top-up funding to ensure the PFD funding levels are equal to the minimum annual amount stipulated by the University.
  • The candidate must submit these three documents to SWB as part of their application for the SWB fellowship.  
  • The unit must follow the Procedures for Applying to Register PDF and forward to the CGPS the candidates c.v., proof of fellowship and funding level from SWB, a copy of the conditional letter of offer, the signed Intellectual Property Agreement and the completed and signed Post-Doctoral Registration Form.
  • The CGPS will review the documentation and confirm the appointment. 

Apply for a Science without Borders scholarship

Students and PDF candidates are responsible for their own applications for a Science without Borders scholarship. Details are available in Portuguese at Science without Borders website.