Are you a future student looking for admission requirements to the University of Saskatchewan? Consult our future students website for details, the information below is intended primarily for staff and faculty of our university.

Minimum requirements

The CGPS sets the minimum admission requirements for graduate programs including English language proficiency requirements.

Some programs may have higher or additional requirements. Entrance requirements must be formally approved for all graduate programs and must be listed in the University of Saskatchewan Catalogue.

Graduate Pathways

The Graduate Pathways Certificate (GPC) program is a non-credit certificate program for graduate student applicants who are academically qualified, but who do not meet the minimum English proficiency requirements for their graduate program.  For students with a conditional admission to a graduate program, the GPC is an option to study academic English at the University of Saskatchewan and move directly into their graduate program.

Students who are interested in the GPC are being advised to first discuss this option with their potential supervisor and the department of their chosen graduate program.  

  • Once a student has applied and is a candidate for the GPC, and unit recommends admission, the unit must indicate to its CGPS Program Advisor that the admission is conditional on student enrolling in the GPC program and successful completion of the EAP 60 level
  • The CGPS Program Advisor will draft an appropriate offer letter indicating that the student’s admission is conditional upon successful completion of the EAP 60 course
  • After student accepts formal offer of admission, the CGPS Program Advisor will work with the U of S Language Centre to ensure student is registered for appropriate GPC courses
  • Student will be advised of costs associated with GPC courses by CGPS/USLC staff